Some parts of the world are simply made for seeing on a cruise, and the Caribbean belongs on that list! It is one of the most stunning parts of the world, with more than 5,000 islands. Each of the islands has its own charm and features, which means prospective cruisers will have a ton of choices regarding the package they want to book. Another underrated aspect of a Caribbean cruise is how you can book one at any time of the year – because the climate is mild from January to December! Tired of slogging through another cold winter at home? Book a week-long cruise for your Christmas holidays and enjoy experiencing the Caribbean islands for the first time!





Cruise Packages 

One of the best parts about booking a Caribbean cruise is the sheer number of options at your disposal. You can start your cruise from so many different cities or islands, and you can get through various parts of the Caribbean within a few days, or an entire week. Want to check out the Eastern Caribbean? Your five-night cruise will begin in Miami, where you will set sail for Haiti. Within a few days, you will be at the port of Haiti – Labadee. You will spend some time there, get a glimpse of the local culture and sights, before setting off for the Bahamas. Think of it as five nights in paradise, as you get to see some of the most incredible islands and beachfronts the Caribbean has to offer.

And that is only one option. There are so many other cruise packages. You can choose from cruises that are only two or three days, or you can go all out and book a week-long cruise! Want to see more of the area and settle at four or five ports? Book a nine or ten-night cruise, where you will travel everywhere from Haiti to Aruba to Curacao to Barbados in one trip!


On-Board Entertainment

I bet you never thought that you would end up playing dodgeball or bingo on a cruise ship – but that is exactly what you could do if you want. There are so many fun activities on the cruise, and there is something for everyone. Want to taste some martinis or wine? No problem – simply book your spot in the tasting session so you do not miss out when you are onboard. Most cruises will have a massive casino area, where you can order drinks and lounge around, or play some casino games with everyone else who is on board! All the best casino games are available, including poker, blackjack, slots, and table games like craps and roulette. For those who want to enjoy some high-end action, you can even buy your way into some of the casino competitions. You can book your spot in those competitions before you get on the cruise.

Every cruise will have a mini-gym area, with some of them being outdoors so you can enjoy the stunning views of the ocean while you are riding a bike, treadmill or elliptical machine! There are also adult-only retreats, where you can go to spend time with your significant other or spouse in a relaxed and serene environment. If you are worried about what the kids will do in the meantime, do not fear. There are always mini-camps for the kids that are included in your cruise package.

Some ships even have state of the art movie theaters, where you can enjoy older movies or the latest releases. You may even get to see some theatrical performances or comedy shows, along with live music on at least one of the nights. When you are booking your cruise, you can see which entertainment events are included in your package, and what may cost extra. We encourage you to make your bookings before you are onboard, in case something you want to do fills up before you get a chance to sign up!


Things to Do at the Destination

The Caribbean is one of those places in the world where you may never get a chance to see everything, even if you take a cruise there every year! You will want to think long and hard about the areas that you want to see the most – because it is impossible to get a glimpse of all the great places and resorts that you could visit.

Some of the cities and islands that you could experience on your journey include Barbados, Cartagena, Costa Maya, Antigua, San Juan and Dominica. What you get to do when you are off the cruise will depend on where you end up going. For example, you can go through a rainforest hiking adventure in San Juan, check out the deluxe beach escape in the same city, or experience a dune buggy and beach safari when you passing through Costa Maya.

And this is just the beginning. If you are looking to extend your vacation for a few days, you can always book some time at a Caribbean resort at the place where your cruise starts and begins. Many cruises begin in areas such as Barbados, which is paradise on Earth. You can stay at a nearby resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, or you can truly experience the culture and atmosphere by staying in a hotel near the city area.


Travel Tips

The one tip that will never set you on the wrong path when you are booking your Caribbean cruise adventure is to pack for the activities you have chosen. When you are booking all those fun things to do, or making a list of what you can enjoy when you are off the cruise in one of the Caribbean Islands, always remember that you will need the right gear. Want to go on a hike? Pack the right shoes and clothes! Hoping to enjoy the fine dining experience on your cruise? Some cruises have a dress code, and you will not want to be denied entry when you have already paid for your meal!

Travelers will also want to leave a little bit of room in their suitcase, in case they find some incredible souvenirs. You may not end up buying too many things, but it is always nice to have some space so you can buy gifts for your friends and family, or keepsakes that will help you remember one of the best trips of your life!



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