What a thrill to experience: dazzling glaciers, spectacular wildlife viewing, expert guides aboard (National Park Rangers) and excursions galore. The pristine waters of the Great Land await you to deliver adventure, excitement, relaxation and awe.

You can choose different voyages like sailing the Gulf of Alaska or the Inside Passage. America’s Last Frontier showcases soaring snowcapped mountain peaks, fjords and colorful marine life. You can also visit frontier towns and Glacier Bay National Park (tidewater glaciers and scenic coastal islands).

Alaska’s capitol, Juneau, is nestled between gorgeous mountain views and houses much history as well as historic buildings. Skagway (Gateway to the Klondike) lets you re-live Gold Rush days. You’ll find the world’s largest totem pole collection in Ketchikan, the salmon capital. Victoria, B.C. provides a taste of Britain with carriage rides, high tea at the Empress Hotel and European-style gardens.

Everywhere you look, nature’s beauty is at the forefront. Excursions offer an endless variety to this amazing vacation which will bring you back again and again. Cruising through Alaska, there’s just no comparison, it needs to be on everyone’s bucket list.



Cruise Packages

There is so much that goes into planning a vacation, and many people find themselves frustrated at not knowing how much everything is going to cost. For instance, if you are traveling to a big city for a week, it can become challenging to figure out how much you are going to end up spending. However, these issues do not exist if you are planning your next vacation on a cruise. The package options that will be presented to you are all inclusive, which means you could spend nothing extra when you get on the cruise and still have the time of your life!

Depending on your budget, you will want to choose between the shorter cruise packages, and the full-scale cruise. A shorter cruise will last for three or four nights, while a full-scale cruise is easily double that – or even longer. Many people are more than satisfied with the shorter cruises, because the packages are affordable, they do not need to take two weeks off work, and they still get to have an incredible time on and off shore!

Most of the packages you see on the booking pages will indicate the base amount that you can pay to get on the cruise. There is always the option to purchase additional reservations for fine dining, entertainment and drinks packages. The good news is that you can complete these reservations before you get on the cruise, which has a dual benefit. Not only will you have a proper idea of what you will do on the cruise for the duration of your trip, but you will also know how much everything is going to cost.


On-Board Entertainment

So many people have a misconception about cruises. They think you are going to spend the entire time staring at the sea, with nothing else to do. It could not be further from the truth, because a cruise is one of the most happening and entertaining places that you will ever find yourself! Not only are there some fantastic restaurants and dining experiences planned for the duration of your trip, but there will be plenty of on-board entertainment.

For instance, a typical cruise will include a small casino, musical and theater shows, movie screenings, a bar and club, along with plenty of fun activities that you can enjoy with the kids if you are coming onboard with the whole family! The best thing you can do is visit the cruise page and get a good look at all the entertainment options. Each activity will indicate whether it is already included in the cruise package, or if you will need to purchase an additional reservation before you check out and pay for your cruise.

All the musical and theater productions, along with movie screenings, are generally free. You can enjoy as many of them as you want – or you can skip them all. It is entirely up to you! If you wish to enjoy some of the dining experiences on the cruise, you may want to make a reservation ahead of time. For instance, you can book one of the alcohol or non-alcoholic beverage packages, and some cruises even have wine tasting sessions! There is usually more than one option for lunch and dinner, depending on how much you wish to pay. Reserve your spot at the lunch and dinner table of your choice before you book your cruise, so you do not have to worry about those plans when you are onboard!


Things to Do at the Destination

Alaska may not have the most interesting reputation, but it is one of those gorgeous spots in the world that is a must see. And there is more to do than you would imagine! A lot of the potential cruise destinations in Alaska include mountains and glaciers, which means glacier sightseeing and ziplining are two activities that will most definitely become a part of your cruise experience.

You could also take advantage of the rural conditions by renting a buggy with your friends or family, so you can enjoy some off-roading when the boat is docked at a stop. And some of the Alaskan cruises will get you all the way to Canada, which will allow you to spend some time in Victoria or Vancouver. There is so much culture in these cities, and you will never run out of cool things to see and do.


Travel Tips

One of the biggest challenges of a cruise vacation is packing appropriately. Most people have never been on a cruise, which means they do not know what to expect. Do some research beforehand, which will help you with regards to the temperature and weather conditions when you are onboard, and at the destinations where the cruise will dock for a day. Pack intelligently – do not overstuff your bags with clothes you will never wear, but try to get decent variety in your outfits. For instance, the clothes you wear when watching the ocean from the top deck will not be the same thing you wear to a bar or a fancy dining experience!

Be sure to check on the laundry options available at the cruise you are booking. Some cruises have self-service laundry areas, which would allow you to recycle an outfit if it get dirty. However, other cruises will not have the self-service option, and paying them to do your laundry can get expensive. If that is the case, you may be better off packing a few extra pairs of clothes!



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