Vacations at sea are amazing. From the big mega-ships with tons of activities to intimate luxury yacht-like vessels with superior service and amenities, there truly is a cruise for everyone.

Cruising is one of the best values in travel as well. With meals and entertainment included, it’s a perfect family vacation. Add in the variety of ships and destinations, and you’ve got the makings for a one-of-a-kind vacation.



Caribbean Cruises

Most of us have seen pictures or videos of the gorgeous Caribbean Islands, and the other incredible cities in that part of the world. However, there is simply no comparison between getting to see these places with your own eyes, especially when you get to travel through the islands on a luxurious cruise ship!

The best part about booking a trip to the Caribbean is that you have all the options in the world in front of you. Want to check out Antigua and Barbados? No problem! Want to go through Mexico or Belize? You can make it happen! Some of the world’s best resorts, beaches and seaside cities are in the Caribbean.

You are sure to have a wonderful time on your cruise, and you can travel anytime in the year. With other cruises, you need to worry about the temperature of the water and the places where you are visiting. However, the Caribbean is so close to the equator that the temperatures are mild and pleasant all year around! Whether you book your trip for November or May, you will have the time of your life!

The luxurious experience does not begin and end with the wonderful cities and islands that you are going to see. Even when you are on your cruise ship, traveling from one part of the world to another, you will have so much fun. There are so many great entertainment options onboard the cruise ships, and most of the entertainment is free!

Booking a traditional vacation is a decent idea, but going on a cruise is an even better one. Yes, you can always stay at a resort when you visit the Caribbean. But why would you want to seclude yourself from all the culture and natural beauty of going through one island after another? It is the type of dream vacation that you could have only made up in your mind!

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River Cruises

River Cruise Travel Agent

Not everyone wants to find themselves stuck on the ocean for two or three days at a time. If you want to experience what it is like to find yourself on a cruise, but you want a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, a river cruise is ideal for you. And Europe is the best spot for river cruises in the entire world, because there are so many wonderful and picturesque rivers that you can choose from. Want to go through Germany and some nearby countries? Book a Main River cruise today! If you want to start at the Swiss Alps and find yourself all the way near the North Sea in Holland, you will love the Rhine River cruises.

A river cruise is best enjoyed in a week, because you will get to see so many wonderful cities and experience so many different cultures. Traveling through Europe by train is a good experience, but being able to travel by river cruise is even better. The scenery you get to see when you are onboard is unrivaled, and the entire atmosphere of your trip is one of adventure, serenity and joy. You will not have to worry about missing trains or taking connecting buses – you will get from one river city to another on your cruise ship, and then you will have the whole day to take in the sights, sounds and wonders of these great European cities. You can see everything from Vienna to Budapest to Amsterdam on a river cruise!

Another reason why you are going to love going on a river cruise is because it is so much cheaper than a regular cruise. If you book a two-person river cruise adventure for eight days, you will probably spend as much as it would cost to go on a three-day ocean cruise!

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Alaska Cruises

When you think about going on a cruise, Alaska is not the first part of the world that would come to your mind. However, when you talk with anyone who has been on an Alaskan cruise, they will tell you it is the best thing they have ever experienced. It is a truly wild and open state, which means there is so much to see and so many wondrous sights of nature that you will leave you stunned. Just make sure you are booking your cruise for the summer months, because it can get very chilly in the winter!

If you are fascinated by the ice and the scenery in the northernmost tip of the United States, you will love your Alaskan cruise. You get to see some great sights along the way, but when you get there, it is something you will have never experienced before. The ice is incredible, especially when you see it in the form of glaciers or as it cascades off mountaintops. And there are so many wonderful towns that you can explore, which only adds to the charm of this adventure.

One of the most interesting and unique facts about Alaska is how people routinely use planes to travel from one part of the state to another. For a cruise goer, it means that you will have the chance to get on a small plane to explore the landscape. It is an incredible way to see all the mountains, wildlife and other features of the area.

Unlike some of the other cruise destinations around the world, the beauty of Alaska’s glaciers may not be around forever. Global warming is changing the way the state’s landscape appears, with glaciers moving by rapid amounts each year. If you have Alaska as a place to visit on your bucket list, book a cruise over the next few months so you can see it in all its glory!

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Europe Cruises


Some people love to go on a cruise because they want to see the ocean and experience it in a way that they have never gotten the chance to do before. Then there are others – those of us who want to experience a cruise because it is one of the most enjoyable and luxurious ways to travel to different cities around the world.

The great thing about booking a European cruise is that you can do both. You will have a wonderful experience out at sea, onboard your luxurious cruise, and when you are off shore and docked at a city. Want to check out some of the most wonderful port cities in Spain, Italy and France? You will love the Mediterranean cruise options that are available. If you book a cruise in this part of the world during the spring or summer, you will have the time of your life. The weather is perfect, there is so much to see, and you will never run out of things to do on the cruise either.

Europe is a massive continent, and those who want to explore its northern countries will also have some great cruise options. You can travel through Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, while ending up at the tip of Germany when you book a Northern European cruise. Some of the cruises even take you all the way to St. Petersburg, which is one of the most magnificent Russian cities – and in a part of the world that everyone should visit at least one time.

Some travelers may want to experience an even longer cruise, and we have just the thing for them. Transatlantic cruises are all the rage nowadays. Whether you want to sale to or from the Americas, you can take in both continents during your cruise. You may even get to see some of the Caribbean islands or parts of South America during your journey!

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Ocean Cruises


Ocean Cruise Travel Agent


The most popular destination to cruising is the blue waters of the Caribbean. The sun, sand and surf adds to the fun.

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Luxury Cruises

Luxury Cruise Travel Agency

Luxury cruises are the best of the best for those little extra perks and amenities.  Expect personalized service, superb wine selection, fine cuisine and the ultimate cruise itineraries.

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