FamiliyFamilies come in all shapes and sizes and each one has their own idea of fun. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with all these different versions of “fun” and put them together in one incredible vacation that everyone will enjoy!


Memories of Great Family Vacations

Regardless of where you may have gone as a kid on your “family vacation”, I’m pretty sure your memories of those trips still live with you. Whether it was a trip to Disney, the Grand Canyon, a Caribbean cruise or just a week in a camper traveling across the country, it’s priceless moments like those that will live with you forever.

Family Cruises

There are so many choices when it comes to cruises that are amazing for families it’s unreal! With non-stop activities for the kids and plenty of “adult time” for you, a cruise is always a great choice.


All Inclusive Resorts

If hanging by a beach or pool is more your cup of tea, we know of plenty of family-friendly resorts that include it all. Food, beverages, activities and much more are included in a safe, fun and beautiful environment.


Educational Trips

There are plenty of adventures that give the kids a chance to learn while having fun. Family “Adventure” Travel has become very popular.


Family Reunions

Get the whole clan together and plan an extended family reunion. We’ll coordinate every detail.


Whatever your idea of a great trip is, our team can help you plan it.  Contact us and we’ll help you get started.






When most kids look back on their childhood, the memories they are going to remember the most are the ones that involved their family vacations. Whether it is a trip to the beach in your state, a week at a gorgeous resort in Hawaii, or a cruise in the Caribbean, kids always look back on those moments as the peak of their childhood. Not only did they get to see wonderful places, meet new people and have experiences they did not even know were possible, they got to do it all with their parents.


If you are thinking about going on a family vacation, you will have a ton of different options at your disposal. But there are some key components to every family vacation that you will want to know about. The better prepared you are for the trip, the more fun you can have when you are out there experiencing new cities and cultures. It is much better to get the planning out of the way before the trip begins, instead of frantically attempting to make everything work when you are out there. But what makes a great family vacation? And how can you save money on your next family trip?


Cost of a Family Vacation 

One of the most frustrating things that travelers experience is when they are attempting to book a vacation for the entire family, but they find their costs are spiraling with every new activity. Not only are you worried about the transportation costs for five or six people, but you need to think about the individual tickets and equipment you may need to get for every activity that your kids want to do. That is why families are always on the hunt for a way to save money on family vacations, or at least know how much they will be paying before they set their mind on the trip.


Ideal Destinations for Families 

There are two types of family vacations where you can get all the costs figured out before you even set foot in the airport to board your flight – cruises and resorts. When we think of a cruise or a resort, we think of young adults or newlywed couples who are hoping to see the world and experience some rest and relaxation. However, these spots are even better for families, because there are so many great activities that you can enjoy as a unit. You will get to bond with your family, and your kids are going to have the time of their life.

For instance, if you have your heart set on going to the beach somewhere in the Caribbean, or Hawaii, you may want to think about booking a trip at a resort. From the outside, resorts sound expensive and overly luxurious. However, many resorts have terrific deals on family packages, where you get your accommodation, travel, activities and food included within a package. By assessing these packages, you can figure out what type of resort would work best within your budget. And most importantly – you will not find yourself spending double your initial budget, which can happen when you are forced to pay for each individual activity or meal that you wish to enjoy as a family.

Cruises are another great option for the entire family. These may not work great if you have very young children, but if you have kids who are entering middle school or high school, going on a cruise is one of the best experiences you can give them. Many cruises have specific programs where the kids can spend a few hours getting entertained, which will allow you to spend time alone with your spouse. In addition, there are tons of family oriented activities, such as bumper cars, roller skating, circus performances, mini-golf and live shows that you can all enjoy together. And the best part? These activities will be included in your package, which means you can set off on your trip and enjoy everything without having to worry about money for a single second!


Some Tips for a More Enjoyable Family Vacation 

As you set out to plan your family vacation, one of the most important tips you should keep in mind is the need to plan ahead. We can understand the temptation to do things on the fly, but having a vacation with such a mindset can result in a lot of unnecessary spending. If you plan most of your trip ahead of time, you can identify the activities that the family can enjoy together, and you will know how much everything is going to cost.

Families may also want to consider booking packages with resorts or cruises where they get a one or two-bedroom suite, instead of a single larger room. Suites are a great idea because they allow you to have a space where your kids can sleep, which allows you to get a peaceful night’s rest with your spouse. If everyone is stuck in the same room, things can get a little crowded, no matter how luxurious the accommodations may seem!

If your trip involves going to another country, try to set up some type of travel insurance for you and your family. When traveling with kids, having travel insurance is a life saver, because you can never know when your little one is going to get sick or have an accident. With travel insurance, you will not need to fret about having to spend thousands of dollars on medical treatment in a foreign country – everything will be handled through the travel insurance policy you booked.

And finally, there is nothing wrong with planning for some down time. If you are planning on spending a week on a cruise, there is no need for you to have your days packed with activities from dawn to dusk! Having a few hours in the afternoon to unwind, and for the kids to take a nap, can help a great deal. Everyone will wake up rejuvenated for your evening activities and dinner!


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