Groups and Incentive Travel


Traveling can be a challenge, but traveling in a group presents even more difficulties for everyone involved. Not only does a group trip need the perfect planning and execution, but it is all about figuring out how everyone can have fun with each other, while ensuring the trip’s budget does not balloon out of control.

Group travel is not only something that larger families and groups of friends can enjoy, but it is also a great opportunity for companies to offer incentives to their employees. Typically, incentive travel is individualized for those who are in higher positions at a company, but it can also work very well in conjunction with group travel. For instance, companies may want to reward a group of 15 to 20 employees who did a fabulous job over the course of the past couple years. And one way to reward them is to book an incredible group trip they can all enjoy. Not only does it give the employees some wonderful memories, but it also increases the camaraderie and teamwork within a company!

One of the beauties of incentive travel is how it perfectly combines doing something great for your employees, but also pushing them to greater heights. Employees who know they could be rewarded for a wonderful year with a group trip are going to push even harder to get results for your company. It is not one of those situations where everyone at the company gets to go on the trip, which means your top employees will be pushing even more to ensure they are a part of the lucky group that gets to visit a resort, spend a week on a cruise, or experience a new country through the group vacation.


Ideal Destinations for Groups 

There are so many great place as group could go together. For instance, if a company has some conference or event in another country, planning a group vacation around that work event may be a good idea. Most of your employees would be heading out to that conference anyway – and adding the vacation element would give them something to look forward to. Conferences are typically held in the biggest cities around the world, which is perfect, because there is always something fun and touristy that you can do in a major city!

Other great vacation spots for groups include resorts and cruises. When you are planning a trip to a resort, or a week on a cruise, being in a larger group does not make the vacation any different. Most of the activities that you would enjoy with one or two other people are still great fun in groups. Resorts or cruises are not only terrific vacation options for work groups, but they are also a fantastic way for extended families or larger groups of friends to spend time with each other. Imagine going on a week-long cruise of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean with your closest friends – it would be the type of trip you are never going to forget!


What to Do There

One of the biggest worries that people have when it comes to a group vacation is how you are going to keep everyone happy. Having 20 people on the same trip may sound like a lot of fun, but things can get frustrating if they are sitting in their hotel rooms with nothing to do! Luckily, if you are planning a vacation at a resort or on a cruise, you are never going to run out of things to do.

Resorts are often advertised as being all about luxurious rooms and sitting on the beach, but there are so many things you can do that you may not even have time to get in all the great activities on offer! For instance, groups can enjoy some scuba diving, water sports, golf, land sports and team building exercises when they are on vacation. The team building exercises only apply to work groups, but they usually involve some physical activity, which makes them a ton of fun!

If you close your eyes and imagine a resort, you would think about standing on the deck and watching the incredible view of the open ocean. And while that is a great experience, it is not all you are going to do when you are out at sea! Not only do you get to see all the wonderful cities and towns where the cruise may stop, but the onboard entertainment is excellent. Most cruises will have movie theaters, mini water parks, concerts or theater performances, piano bars and incredible dinner experiences. One thing is for sure – a large group of friends, family or work colleagues can have a blast on a cruise!


What to Pack

The worst thing you can do is wake up the morning before your flight and realize you forgot to pack. You may get everything done in time, but you are almost guaranteed to forget something.

Start by making a checklist of the things you will need, such as your passport, wallet and other essentials. Then identify the clothes you want to take, depending on where you are going, the activities you will engage in, and the duration of your trip. Try to pack light, but keep an extra couple of outfits ready in case something gets spoiled or is not suitable for the weather.


Tips for a Great Traveling Experience

Traveling with a huge group may sound like a burden, but it can become an asset very quickly. When a large family is traveling together, you rarely need to worry about hiring a babysitter or getting an adult who can supervise the kids while they are having fun doing “kid only” things! There will always be one family member who is tired during the day, or late at night, and wants to rest for a while. They can keep a watch on the kids while everyone else continues to party it up.

When traveling as a group, ensure you are booking a trip to someplace where having a large party will not become a burden. For instance, if you are planning a vacation to Paris with 20 people, it may not work too well. However, heading to a fancy resort will be a much better experience. Resorts typically have massive dining rooms, spacious rooms and suites, planned activities that everyone can do together, and plenty of spots where you can unwind if you want to get away from everyone else!



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