The Best Beaches in America


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Post Date: September 11, 2017

When people think of visiting the United States, or going on a state-wide vacation, it is all about the major cities. However, the Americas are also home to some of the world’s most enjoyable and luxurious beaches. If you are thinking about going on a beach vacation during the spring or summer, here is our list of the best beaches in America!


1. Kapalua Bay Beach, Hawaii

A list of the best beaches in America would not be complete without talking about Maui. If you want to swim and snorkel in some of the clearest waters in the world, and you want a chance to check out some of the unique tropical fish that are in the coral reef, then Kapalua beach is the spot for you!


2. Okracoke Lifeguarded Beach, NC

North Carolina is a beach-lover's dream. There are spots such as Oak Island where you can rent a house for a few weeks and enjoy the perfect summer getaway, or you can check out the Okracoke Lifeguarded Beach. It is an island right off the main NC area, and you can experience the raw beauty of the ocean in the way that it was intended. We would warn families going with young kids that the waves at Okracoke Beach can get very big, so you may want to keep a watchful eye on your young ones!


3. Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

Want to combine a camping trip with a beach vacation? You should head down to Grayton Beach State Park this summer. It is the home of a wonderful park area, where you can camp and hang out with friends all year long. And when the weather is nice, which is most months, you can even check out the beach. You can find accommodations in town if you want a more comfortable stay, but we would recommend camping to get the full experience. There are tidal lakes and ponds in the area too!


4. Hapuna Beach, Hawaii

It is not surprising to see Hawaii on this list two times, because almost all of the beaches on the island are exceptional. Hapuna Beach is no different, and it is perfect for a trip even during the winter months. The waters are clear, snorkeling and scuba diving are encouraged, and you will probably run into fewer tourists than some of the other beaches if you go during an off month.


5. Coronado State Beach, California

Want to get the full southern California experience? Then you may want to visit one of the best beaches in America – Coronado State Beach! It is often described as an oasis by the sea, and the perfect beach for going surfing. The climate is great throughout the year, so if you are suffering during an East coast snowstorm, heading to Coronado for a few days may be exactly what you need. The Hotel del Coronado is another must-see destination. It is one of the oldest hotels in the country, having opened its doors in 1888!

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