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If you are thinking about taking a vacation during the summer or fall months, we encourage you to look at the south of France as an option. Vacationing on the beaches of France is one of the best experiences you will have in your life. With gorgeous, blue waters, incredible sights and sounds, and dream weather conditions, there is no better experience for those who would enjoy a natural and thoroughly exciting vacation. Here are some of the best beach spots for vacationing in the South of France:


1. French Riviera

The French Riviera is the ideal spot for a beach vacation. The area between Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer is a classic spot that both locals and tourists adore. There are white sandy beaches everywhere, and Paloma Beach is a favorite. Think of the area as having the vibe and beauty of a small town, but also giving you all the amenities and activities that you can imagine from a beach tourist spot. If you are doubting the beauty of this region, remember that celebrities from around the world love to visit Paloma Beach when they get some time off!

Plage de l’Almanarre in Hyères is another great spot in this region. There is a rustic town calls Giens, which is a sensational spot for wind and kite surfers. And if you are someone who loves to sightsee while on vacation, you will fall in love with the pink flamingos that are usually present at the marsh area right near the beach.


2. Provence

Everyone who loves France has heard of Marseille, but the city is more known for being the second largest city in the country. Many people do not realize the gorgeous beaches that are right near Marseille. Plague du Prado is the ideal destination for beach enthusiasts who want to combine a beach vacation with being in a major city. The windsurfing is an incredible experience, and you will still get to enjoy the city center and all of the associated activities.

If you want to venture slightly west of Marseille, you may want to check out the Frioul Islands. These are a set of four islands where you can arrive through a ferry from Marseille’s old port. The ferry does not take very long, and you will get a chance to escape from the constant buzzing and activity of the big city. It is the perfect spot for a date trip with your spouse, partner or even with a group of friends!

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