Why Regular Vacations are Important for Families


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Post Date: July 31, 2017

I know you’ve heard that taking a vacation with your family is important. But why?

Why is it that everybody you ask says the same thing during times of family stress, during times of family tragedy, and even more unexplainable; during times of financial troubles?

The answer may be simpler than you may think.


Stressful Times

Let’s face it; times can get stressful. Regardless of the reason, and sometimes for no reason at all, family members can become tense around one another. While sibling quarrels may never end, they can become increasingly stand offish. They can intensify to the point of intervening.

The same goes for mom and dad. Monotonous routines can become straining. Boredom can become painful to the point of fighting and squabbling over the tiniest transgression.

But through it all, a family is a unit that works together and accomplishes wondrous things. Infighting can lead to chaos and worse, separation.

A family vacation can replenish and rejuvenate family members, leaving everyone feeling refreshed. Breaking the monotony can leave mom and dad feeling renewed. It relieves the stress and brings everyone closer together.


During Times of Tragedy

A death in the family causes pain that goes beyond words. And it doesn’t even have to be death that brings about tragedy. A car accident that leaves permanent damage, a fire that takes away your home, a workplace termination that leaves you suddenly without work.

All of these things are considered a tragedy.

But a vacation? Yes. A vacation.

 A family vacation can provide a break in the downtrodden feelings and negativity and sadness. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the lives of your family during times of sorrow. In fact, breaking the mourning or sadness in order to make your family feel alive and seeing them smile again should be something you actively pursue.

Making your family feel happiness and togetherness during these times can be the most healing thing you can do for them.


Financial Strain

Financial strain. Most of us have been there or are currently there. It’s not fun. It’s emotionally draining. It is one of the top causes for divorce.

Financial problems are some of the most damaging to a family.

What should you do? That’s right. Go on a vacation!

Why? How?

It’s called throwing care to the wind.

During these heartfelt times of stress, setting aside something to remind your family – and yourself – of the joys and pleasures in life is critical. To see your family unwind and release of the burden of “cutting back”, “tightening their belts”, and “sacrificing” is a sight for sore eyes.

Remember, family is everything. Without them, you wouldn’t be doing what you do – or even reading this blog post. Put them first no matter what, and you’ll see accomplished what you set out to do each day: You’ll see them smile.


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