Romantic Getaways: The Beauty of Spain


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Post Date: August 21, 2017

An oversea vacation is a dream come true.

There are exotic locations, beautiful ocean views, and the chance to experience new and vibrant cultures. One must-see vacation spot is the beautiful Spain.

There are breathtaking hidden beaches, sights unlike anything out there, and wine to suit any palate. It’s the perfect romantic getaway for you and your significant other, a place that is

There are incredible sights to see in Spain, from temples and cathedrals to ancient Roman ruins to the streets of the cities themselves. Take the opportunity to have a romantic stroll through some of history’s most breathtaking monuments, or go out to one of Madrid’s best restaurants.

If you want to take time to relax, go to one of Spain’s many beautiful beaches.

Not a fan of crowds? Don’t worry, there are beautiful, hidden locations for you and your partner to explore all across Spain’s coast.

Cala Llentrisca, located on Ibiza island, is one such place. It’s surrounded by cedar trees with a pebble beach and clear, green water. If a place that is difficult to reach isn’t what you’re looking for, then you can try Playa el Puertito in Tenerife. This beach is off the beaten path but still easy to reach if you’re willing to drive. It’s a peaceful spot. Sea turtles can be found in the area, and the shallow water is perfect for dipping your feet in or taking a walk along the shore.

Not only are the sights fantastic, but so are the things to do. The nightlife of Spain is unlike any other, and the many different festivals around the country are varied and full of life.

La Tomatina, a festival at the end of August, has people throwing tomatoes at one another, while Las Fallas is a four-day festival in march that transforms Valencia into a carnival. There are performances, fireworks, and enormous paper-mache figurines.

These are just two of the many festivals that can be found all across Spain, so no matter who you are, there is something out there that is guaranteed to have appeal.

Everyone deserves the vacation of a lifetime, including you and your partner, and Spain is the place to choose.

Between the ruins, cities and beaches and the many unique things you can do, there’s no place out there that’s quite the same. Take a break from the Texas heat to enjoy the sea, the warm beaches, and the cities full of vibrant, energetic people and places.


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