The Beauty and Romance of a River Cruise


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Post Date: June 12, 2017

A river cruise differs from an ocean cruise. River cruises are known for being a little slower paced, allowing you and your significant other the time you need to soak it all in.

River cruises whisk you away to oceanfront cities around the world. Upon making port, star-crossed lovers can take romantic moonlit strolls throughout foreign lands, basking in the moment.

River cruises allow you to choose from romantic waterway settings across several continents like Europe and China.

From the Neva River in Russia, to the Hai and Li rivers in China, you and your special someone will explore exotic and ancient cultures and taste foods that you’ve never imagined.


The Rhine River, Europe

For example, if you book an eight-day cruise on the Rhine River in Europe, your trip will begin in Basel and within a day, you will find yourself at the wonderful town of Breisach am Rhein. As you make your way through Stasbourg, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Cologne, Kinderdijk and Amsterdam, your journey will take you and your partner through 8 cities in just 8 days.


Sailing on Portugal’s Douro River

Portugal’s Duoro river, running through the World Heritage city of Porto, provides a telling look at riverfront promenades known for their unique alleyways and pastel-hued structures. Aside from breathtaking sites, you are able to breathe in the unique culture and experience something that can’t be experienced anywhere else.


A Cozy Excursion

One thing that sets apart a river cruise from an ocean cruise, is the size of the ship. River cruises offer a smaller and more intimate experience. Along with this intimacy comes less options for onboard entertainment, which is just as well because this form of cruise is not about distraction, but reflection and being absorbed into the moment.



Together, you and your loved one will begin a journey of beauty and romance, love and companionship, together.

As you discover hidden gems and open adventure, you will also reconnect on a spiritual basis. You and your partner will embark on an adventure that will leave you both feeling renewed and with endowed with new purpose.

A romantic river cruise awaits. Where will your hearts take you?



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