The Most Popular Months to Get Married Are...


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Post Date: July 24, 2017

In multiple studies of marriage records in all fifty states, three months have emerged as clear favorites for newlyweds to have nuptials. Those months are June, September, and October.


The reason why of course, is that the weather is just absolutely gorgeous in many places in the United States during these three months. It’s not too hot as in July and August, nor too cold as it is in the winter months, or too rainy as it is in the spring months.


In 2016, the most popular day on the calendar to have a wedding was June 18th. In 2015 the day with the most weddings was October 10th.


As it turns out these are the best months to take a Caribbean vacation to enjoy cheaper rates and fewer crowds. From December until April is peak season for tourists visiting the Caribbean to take a break from colder weather up north.


During the peak vacation season in the Caribbean, it may be more difficult to make the reservations you want than during the off season from June through November, airfares and other rates are pricier because of the greater demand, and there are more crowds to contend with on the roads, on the beaches, and at venues and restaurants.


If you’re getting married between now and November, and still planning for your honeymoon, you can get a great deal on an all-inclusive resort vacation in a highly sought after, very desirable, lush tropical locale on a Caribbean island. There are even couples only island resorts for the ultimate in relaxing, steamy, romantic getaways.


While you’re there, you can enjoy the gorgeous natural sights and sounds of the island; the many all-included entertainment and live music options for romance, fun, and dancing; the nice selection of all-inclusive wines and cocktails; and all of the four and five-star restaurant meals you can eat.


Why not eat fresh caught Caribbean lobster dipped in butter on the beach for your honeymoon this year while sipping on a fine white wine and breathing in the fresh ocean air? You and your new husband or wife can just enjoy the slow pace of the island life at your leisure and leave schedules, itineraries, and plans behind.


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