What You Should Really Bring for Your Romantic Vacation


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Post Date: August 7, 2017

Planning what to bring for any vacation or weekend getaway should always be based on what you feel you are going to need for the time away from home. While your needs dictate what to bring, you should always prioritize what is most important first, agreed?


So, what is most important? Sun screen? Check. Your best swim suits? Check. Your hottest dance clothes for those sultry nights out on the town? Double check.


But honestly, when we get right down to it, are these things the most important?


Remember, if you place function before want, what is the most important thing you should really bring for your romantic vacation?

Easy; a romantic attitude.


It’s easy to get lost in all the planning. After all, this getaway must be perfect. Right?


Well, during this time, it’s easy to get lost in all the planning and packing and talking about how great it’ll be. Just imagine, just the two of you – alone together. Nothing but you and your partner, the sun, and the waves. The fun and the dancing. The romantic evenings all alone. Just the two of you. Did I mention, alone?



With all of this going on, you both should probably take a step back and breathe. If you take away the fantasy, the packing, the planning, what do you have left? The two of you. Alone.


This is where the true focus should be.


Your planning should be based solely on ensuring you are present, mentally and emotionally. This is the single most important thing to remember; you need to be available for your partner during this trip. All of you.


You need to understand that the real point of this romantic vacation is so that you and your significant other have a chance to revel in one another. So that you can meld with one another, so you can both just be without the distractions of the outside world. The point is so you both can focus on each other without the white noise of friends, family, work, and the familiarities of every day.


When it comes right down to it, sure, sunscreen, swim suits, your “hot” clothes – bring them. But they should not be your focus. Your itinerary should not be the focus.


What you should really bring for your romantic vacation, your appetite for one another.


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