Vacation Checklist: Donít forget to make one!


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Post Date: July 10, 2017

If you don’t stay organized and have a good checklist to make sure you’re not forgetting anything preparing for a vacation can be enough stress that you’ll really need that vacation once it starts!


A good vacation checklist can help you make sure that you don’t forget anything important to make your vacation and your return home as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


It can also help give you peace of mind if you haven’t forgotten anything so you can turn off that worrying part of your brain… “Did I leave the stove on?”


No need to worry. You have a checklist and you checked everything off of it! So now you can take a vacation from the worrying part of your brain too.


Vacation Checklist Item #1: Reservations


Have you made all your reservations for flights, hotels, transportation, food, shows, (etc.) and received confirmations? The easiest way to check this off your list is to get an all-inclusive vacation with a travel booking agent. Checked!


Vacation Checklist Item #2: Documents


Make sure you have all your travel documents together in one place. Get a little portfolio or binder, or keep them all in a travel bag: passports, plane tickets, ID cards, (etc.). Checked!


Vacation Checklist Item #3: Devices


Make sure you have all your electronic devices like phones, tablets, computers, cameras, and hand-held video games and their chargers as well. Don’t forget outlet adapters if you’re traveling to a country with different outlets! Order them online. Checked!


Vacation Checklist Item #4: Work


Make a sub-list of everything you need to wrap up with work before you punch out for your vacation. Prioritize it in descending order and start checking down your list. Don’t forget your away message for your voicemail and email auto-responder. Checked!


Vacation Checklist Item #5: Clean


You will feel so much better transitioning back into your routine from your dream vacation if you come back to a nice, clean house and uncluttered desk at work. Checked!


Vacation Checklist Item #6: Return


Make a checklist of things you need to do when you get back from your vacation to get your momentum back quickly. This will make it easier for you when you get back and it will help you enjoy your vacation more because you won’t spend the last day or two of it trying to think about everything you have to do when you get back.


Just remember you have the list so you already “worried” about it in a productive way and can just enjoy your final vacation moments to the fullest. Checked!



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