Destination Weddings

Imagine exchanging vows on a beautiful sunlit beach with the sand between your toes, or high on a mountaintop overlooking an incredible bay or even the ocean.  Then imagine your closest friends and family there with you to share in your special day.  That’s the excitement of a Destination Wedding.


As a travel professional who specializes in romance travel, one of our real specialties is choreographing Destination Weddings.


Planning The Entire Event

There are a lot of choices and destinations when it comes to planning your wedding. We recommend working with a resort that caters to couples and also specializes in destination weddings. Our team with work hand in hand with theirs to make sure that every detail is perfectly planned and executed. From the flowers to the music to the food…. Every detail.





A wedding is about so much more than two people who are getting married. It is a gorgeous ceremony where two individuals meld their lives into one – with their closest family members and friends in attendance. It is the moment many people dream about, and it is the event where the bride, groom and everyone involved with the wedding should have a wonderful time. Some families go with the idea of having the wedding in their home city, but the concept of a destination wedding has become increasingly popular over the past few years.


Destination Weddings

With a destination wedding, the bride, groom, their family and everyone else who is invited to the wedding will jet off to a fancy location where the ceremony is going to take place. And it is not only about the wedding ceremony, but all the events that would take place before and after. For instance, the various members of the wedding party can have their bachelor and bachelorette parties, along with a lavish wedding reception, at some of the most stunning resorts around the world.

While it is wonderful to have a wedding in a gorgeous ballroom or church, and then have a party at a similar spot in the city where you have grown up, a destination wedding is on another level. Many couples become fearful that they would end up spending a ton more money on a destination wedding, but it does not always work out that way. Since so many benefits are included within the wedding package, you will end up spending a similar amount to what it would cost to have the wedding near your home.


Dream Destinations and Dates

If you close your eyes and you imagine your ideal wedding, you would probably think about some serene and gorgeous location that looks like paradise. It is a great mental image, and it is something that can come true if you plan your destination wedding in the right way.

When considering locations for a destination wedding, look away from major cities around the world. Yes, it would seem magical to have your wedding in Paris, but those types of cities are better for the honeymoon. For a wedding, you want a lavish space where you can have all your guests stay, and you want beautiful, picturesque settings where you can enjoy the wedding ceremony, reception and other events.

Places such as Hawaii, Aruba, Belize, Tahiti, the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands are great options. Most of these places are not only gorgeous tourist spots, but they are also home to some of the fanciest and most attractive resorts in the world. And there are few things better than having your destination wedding at a stunning resort.

Aside from the location, one of the major decisions that you need to make involves the wedding dates. It is very tempting to set the ceremony on the date of a major holiday. Booking a destination wedding on Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July or some other holiday is hugely tempting, as everyone would be free and you would not need to take as many days off work. However, it can become a bit of a logistical nightmare.

Think of how frustrating it can be if you are traveling home for Thanksgiving, or you are going on a couple’s trip during the 4th of July weekend. Now add on the stress and tension that is associated with a massive group of people traveling together to a popular destination. It is best to hold weddings during the summer or spring seasons, but try to plan them away from major holidays because your travel plans could become a nightmare.


What Is included in a Destination Wedding Package?

A major point of contention among couples can revolve around how much to spend on the wedding. Before deciding on any destination wedding package, talk with each other about how much you are comfortable spending on the wedding. If your ideal amounts differ, come to a compromise. It is best to reach a consensus on your theoretical budget before you look at various locations and packages for the wedding.

When you have agreed on a budget, you will realize that one of the most cost-effective and incredible ways to spend your wedding money is to plan a destination wedding. Not only is it a chance for everyone to get out of town for a few days, but it will give you some of the best memories of your live. You get to have your wedding and see some incredible sites, and enjoy fun activities, all with your favorite family members and friends!

And the great thing about destination weddings is how the wedding package typically includes everything that you would need for a dream ceremony and reception. For instance, your package will include the wedding ceremony and reception, food and drinks for both events, a gorgeous wedding cake, music and decorations for the events, and any other amenities that could make those events even better. For instance, many packages offer add-ons such as bridal bouquets, sparkling wine for the ceremony, open bars and a minister to ensure the ceremony is legally binding.

Depending on how long you wish to stay there, you can always combine their other packages that are geared towards regular guests with your wedding package. An added discount is common when you get multiple packages, and it would allow you to get some great rooms, activities and your meals included in the cost for the wedding. You can have your closest family and friends with you for a few days before the wedding, and then everyone else can gather at the resort on the day of the ceremony and reception. When everything is done, you can either plan your honeymoon somewhere nearby, or you can jet off with your spouse to another part of the world for your first trip as a married couple!


Travel Tips

Every country has its own laws regarding the marriage of visitors. Some nations, such as France, require a six-week residency before you can get legally married there. Be sure to check such requirements before you book your resort package and flights!

Planning a destination wedding is different from a regular ceremony and reception, but it is still sensible to involve a wedding planner or coordinator. They will take care of the details at the resort regarding the ceremony and reception, and you can enjoy the moment instead of fretting about whether everything will go off without a hitch!

Destination weddings are a wonderful experience for all involved, but traveling outside of the country is not cheap and it requires taking time off work and other engagements. Plan your wedding a year in advance, as it will give all of your guests a chance to sort out everything so they can be there with you on your special day!




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