The charm of a European vacation. One of the most popular destinations for anyone in the world. With its old world charm, various cultures and delicious cuisine, its no wonder why Europe is so popular.

Europe Regions

Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe…. All beautiful, all charming, always popular!   From a sidewalk café in Paris to a beach in Mykonos, Greece, there is always something exciting happening throughout the continent.


Planning A European Vacation

Our travel team are experts when it comes to everything Europe.  From rail to cruises to hotels to charming boutique inns and B&Bs, we’ll find you the perfect vacation for you and your family and friends.




If you are thinking about planning a trip across Europe, you may want to think about booking a European cruise. It is not the traditional way to move through the major European cities, but we think it is an even better experience! You can go to Paris or London anytime, but when will you get the chance to see some of the most picturesque and stunning seaside towns and cities of Europe? When else will you have the opportunity to travel by a cruise through Northern Europe or the Mediterranean? There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing these stunning sights, enjoying yourself onboard the cruise, and having a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget.


Cruise Packages

One of the great things about booking a cruise through Europe is that you are never going to find yourself short of options. Many people opt for the Mediterranean cruises, where you get to check out some gorgeous Spanish, Italian and Greek towns, along with other parts of Europe. However, you could go through a Cruise of the Scandinavian country if you prefer, with Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden offering plenty of great sights and sounds for you to experience. There are also Transatlantic cruise options available, if you are starting your journey in the United States and would like to end up in Europe.

There are two major choices that you will need to decide between for your cruise package. You can either go for the week-long or ten day cruises, or you can choose a three or four-day cruise. The choice you make will depend on several factors. Of course, the three or four-day cruises are a lot more affordable, with the prices often coming to between $250 to $350 a head. And if you are not able to get a ton of days off work, or you want to take on another adventure during your vacation, a short cruise could be ideal for you. But for those who want the full experience, the week to ten-day long cruises are an incredible option too!

When you are ready to see the cruise packages for the destinations of your choice, you will get a glimpse of all the great entertainment and amenities that are included in your package. You will see a detailed itinerary of where the cruise is going, and how much time you will get to spend on and off the vessel. One of the underrated aspects of a cruise is that you not only get to spend so much time at sea, but it is almost as if you get an all-expenses paid trip through some of the most stunning cities in the world.


On-Board Entertainment 

Are you ready to have the time of your life? Then a European cruise is the vacation that you will want to book. Not only are we going to go through and experience some of the most incredible little towns and cities in Europe, but you also get to have an immeasurable amount of fun when you are onboard.

There are so many entertainment options on a cruise, with several theatrical and musical performances scheduled for the days and nights when you will be onboard. These performances, along with movie screenings, are free for everyone who is onboard.

You will also have your choice between the different restaurants and dining experiences on the cruise. Each of the dining experiences comes with its own price tag, which means you will want to complete your booking for lunch and dinner before you finalize your cruise purchase. You can get a detailed description of the different meal or restaurant options, along with their prices. If you are traveling alone, you can book the meals that seem the most exciting to you. If you are traveling with a group, try to get everyone’s input before you make any unilateral decisions!

Traveling with kids? Do not fear – there are plenty of things for them to do too! Some cruises have built in waterparks that the kids can enjoy. It will not be as big as the waterpark you may have visited near your home, but your kids or teenagers can have a great time there. Many cruises also offer mini camps for kids during the day, which allows you to pursue some adult entertainment with your friends, family or spouse!

If you are planning a European cruise as part of your wedding or honeymoon, you will be delighted to know there are so many romantic things you can do when you are onboard. For instance, you can book a couple’s massage, check out the indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi area, or spend some time in one of the bars or dance clubs in the evening.


Things to Do at the Destination

What you get to do offboard will depend on the cruise you book. For instance, if you choose one of the Mediterranean cruises, you get to check out some of the most stunning seaside cities in Europe. Your cruise may start somewhere in Northern Europe, such as Southampton in England. You can get a glimpse of the local culture and food before your cruise takes off. You may go through France, Spain, Italy and Greece before your cruise is over. Cities such as Normandy, Bilbao, Gijon, Lisbon and Amsterdam could be a part of your journey!


Travel Tips

Many people forget they are going to spend time out of the boat when they are packing for their cruise adventure. Yes, you will probably end up being on the cruise ship for most of your journey, but there will be plenty of hours where you are sightseeing and enjoying various activities around the seaside towns of Europe. There are so many fun things to do there, but you need to pack properly so you are not wearing your boat gear while you are out and about!

In addition, many of the fine dining and entertainment options within the cruise have a dress code. Depending on the entertainment options you book, you may want to pack a suit or fancy dress. There are options for renting a suit or tux when you are onboard, but it is much better to have your own clothes for such events!




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