HoneymoonsPlanning a romantic honeymoon is stressful, especially when you’ve got so many other things going on at the same time. We’re your partners when it comes to planning that all-perfect romantic vacation for you and your sweetheart!


Romantic Places

Hawaii ranks at the top for honeymooners, and has for years.  While there aren’t any “all inclusive resorts” in Hawaii, there are still a lot of popular places that offer couples incredible amenities and beautiful surroundings… a perfect destination for romance.


All Inclusive Resorts

The Caribbean and Mexico, especially with so many all-inclusive resorts, are a #1 choice for a couple wanting a perfect honeymoon that’s also really affordable.




So many couples find themselves obsessed with how their wedding is going to turn out. Not only does it leave them incredibly stressed in the lead up to the wedding, but it means they pay too little attention to their honeymoon. Couples assume the details of the honeymoon will take care of themselves, and it is something you can hobble together in a few days. However, your honeymoon is the best vacation you will ever take in your life, and you will want to put a lot of care into its planning.


Possible Destinations 

There are so many options you may have when it comes to your honeymoon. You may be thinking of visiting a major city, such as Paris or Rome, or you may be hoping to enjoy something that is a little quieter and more scenic. The place where you choose to go for your honeymoon will depend on your budget and where you would like to spend your vacation. And even though the lure of a major world city is tempting, we think it is a better option for you to book your honeymoon at a resort or cruise, because you will get a “once in a lifetime” experience.

If you are successful in your professional life, you will always have opportunities to vacation at major world cities. You can plan a trip to Europe or one summer, or check out Asia during the winter. But your honeymoon is something extra special, and it is an event that you should enjoy at the perfect location. And we think going to a scenic resort on a beach, or at a cruise, is something that is hard to beat. Not only do you get to enjoy some much-needed alone time with each other, but you get to experience activities and luxury that you cannot replicate at home!

Some of the most exciting resort destinations in the world are ideal honeymoon spots, such as the Bahamas, Riviera Maya or Cancun in Mexico, Belize, U.S. Virgin Islands, Antigua, Fiji, Saint Lucia, or the Dominican Republic. If you think that going to a city like Paris would be a great honeymoon, you have not had the chance to see some of these stunning locations in person. They are quite literally paradise on earth, and you will be staying at some of the most luxurious and sought-after resorts in the world.

Going on a cruise is another stunning way to celebrate your recent nuptials. Whether you choose a week or two-week long cruise, you will have the time of your life with the person you love the most. Cruises are a magical experience, especially if you both love the water and seeing new places. Not only is there plenty to do and see while you are onboard and sailing through the seas, but you will inevitably stop at some great cities and towns during the week. It is a cultural and vacation experience that will completely change how you see the world!


Fun Activities and Adventures

Depending on where you choose to go, you can engage in any number of fun and exciting activities during your honeymoon. You will want to book plenty of romantic activities, such as dancing, watching the sunrise from the ocean or beach, taking gorgeous couples photos, or getting a massage together. Your meals are always included in resort or cruise packages, which means you will get to enjoy some wonderful wine, food and dessert together.

If you choose to go on a cruise, your entertainment options will vary from water sports to theatrical performances to concerts and other fun events. If you end up picking a resort, everything from water skating to snorkeling could be part of your package! And if you are lucky, you may even end up booking your trip in an area where you can go on gorgeous walks or hikes, as these are great bonding experiences for new couples.


Honeymoon Packages

The great thing about booking your honeymoon at a cruise or resort is that you will not need to worry about paying for individual activities or adventures. When you are enjoying such a holiday, everything is included. You will select the resort or cruise package that appeals to you the most, and it will include all the activities, meals and other entertainment that will make up your trip. For instance, a cruise package will include all the entertainment options on board, along with your meals and several planned activities. A resort package includes meals, activities and all the incredible amenities that are present at the resort.


Travel Tips

Get all the arrangements out of the way before you set off. It may be tempting for you to think you can spontaneously decide what you will do each day, but it is much better to have a plan that you can use as your guide for the trip. It will not only ensure you have plenty of fun stuff to do together, but it will also allow you to relax and enjoy the incredible trip, instead of fretting about what activities you will try to fill up the day.

When planning your honeymoon, the last thing you want is for your trip to get cut short because one of you must get back to work. Ensure you are booking more than enough days off, as it will allow you to enjoy your trip in peace. In fact, we would encourage you to take off enough days so you can get home from the honeymoon and still have a few days without work obligations. Having some extra days’ leeway means you can extend your trip by a day or two if you want, or you can simply relax and unwind at home before you get back to the usual routine of your life!

Sometimes it is easy to get swept up in the moment when you are planning and booking activities for the honeymoon, especially if one person is handling all the arrangements. You will be tempted to set up a schedule where all the activities YOU want to enjoy are included. But you may forget to include things that your spouse loves to do. Sure, you will have plenty of common interests, but try to include at least one activity in the day that you know your spouse is going to love – even if you are not overly enthused about it.



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